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Generation Innovation operates as a community divided into four areas. Most importantly, each element of our community works to serve young entrepreneurs and social innovators. Nonetheless, learn about each of our affinity groups and how to engage.

Youth Association

Youth Association

Youth (ages 13-24) working together towards their innovative future.


Schools and Nonprofits serving youth (ages 13-19) as entrepreneurs.


Industry professionals serving as mentors, volunteers, and donors.
Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Former members (age 25+) who serve as mentors and volunteers.
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for young entrepreneurs

What we do is best seen in action! Our goal is to place youth in the driver seat to gain real-world experience in running a business.

Gain real-world experience in running or starting a business.
Create innovative solutions to real-world local and world problems.
Find innovative solutions to your career development.
Team Building
Work with fellow young entrepreneurs from different communities.
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What We Are Doing

Career Services
We help youth take an innovative approach to their career development. Furthermore, we provide career conferences and internship fairs. Also, members are encouraged to apply for a job shadow or summer internship opportunity.
Our entrepreneurship programs place youth in the driver's seat. Also, youth gain the opportunity to run another entrepreneur's business for the day to gain experience. Furthermore, we also hold a business boot camp and business plan competition.
Youth build their skills as social innovators and problem solvers in our leadership programs. Also, they participate in conferences to develop solutions to real-world problems. Lastly, they participate in a challenge-by-choice boot camp.
Most importantly, we fundraise each year to support direct programs at each of our schools. Furthermore, the programs are planned and developed by the youth at the schools. Also, we help our youth operate their own fundraisers.
Also, all of our innovation schools receive a resource committee. Furthermore, the resource committees are a group of industry professionals who volunteer their time. The committees help mentor and support the youth at each school.
Lastly, each year we accept 5 to 10 youth into our fellowship program. Furthermore, the young entrepreneurs spend a gap year after high school developing their own business. Also, they gain access to startup funding, stipend, and more.
Our Schools

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Our Innovation Nonprofits

Some Outstanding Activities

Our innovation nonprofit partners serve youth outside of school hours in becoming entrepreneurs and social innovation leaders.
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Become a Volunteer!

Utilize your time and talent to support our youth in building entrepreneurial skills. Also, volunteers spend their time as mentors and resources to our youth. Nonetheless, no experience is needed, we will provide training and support!

Bring A Guest

You’re invited to join us at one of our upcoming events! Also, we encourage you to bring a guest with you. What better way to enjoy an event than with a friend? Furthermore, our events are great educational opportunities. However, we also have fun events that are planned by our young entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, find an event that interests you and register today!

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