Career Services Program

Preparing for post-secondary education is important. However, we believe that preparing for a career is far more important and valuable. Furthermore, when you explore different careers you gain a better understanding of your passions. Nonetheless, learn more about how our career services programs can help you in finding innovative solutions to your career development. Our Center for Career Services is here to support you. Learn more about our programs below.


Career Conference

Build your personal brand.

Each year, the Center for Career Services holds a career conference to support your educational needs. Firstly, the conference is open to both active members and non-members. However, active members receive a price reduction on their tickets. Furthermore, the conference has opportunities to experience different careers. Also, you’ll have opportunities to network with peers and industry professionals to collaborate and build your network.



Experiential career experiences.

Each year, during the month of July and August, the Center for Career Services offers summer internships to support your skill development. The program provides paid work opportunities for students in the 11th-grade who pass the interview process. Furthermore, internships are open to only active youth association members. The 6-week program is provided in collaboration with several of our business association members. Also, throughout the 6-weeks participants will have the opportunity to explore the career pathway.


Job Shadow

Gain exposure to potential careers.

Periodically, as a support to our innovator, innovation school, and innovation nonprofit members, we provide job shadow opportunities. Firstly, the program can be provided as a one-off opportunity for youth members or as a full day field trip for a group. Furthermore, students spend 4 to 6 hours shadowing an industry professional and learning about their job. Lastly, all activities are designed to provide exposure to potential career options in new or unique industries.

Program opportunities are based on the availability of our industry partners.