Entrepreneurship Program

72% of high school students are entrepreneurial. However, you may feel like you want to test out your ideas in a safe environment before launching your business. Or you may be ready to launch your business but wish you had guidance and support. Nonetheless, we understand and we’re here to support you in gaining real-world experiences. Our Center for Entrepreneurship is here to support you. Learn more about our programs below.



Pitch your ideas

The Generation Innovation‘s Business Plan Competition is the year’s main event for the Center for Entrepreneurship. Firstly, participating youth members will submit their individual or team business plan for review to our plan judges. Furthermore, the top 54 new ventures will present their elevator pitch to gain the endorsement of potential investors. Lastly, early-stage company investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders judge the full presentations of the top 9 new ventures for a chance to win the 1st place prize.



Gain guidance from industry professionals.

Each year, the Center for Entrepreneurship selects budding entrepreneurs to receive mentorship and startup capital to begin planning their business. Furthermore, fellowship members receive a living stipend for the duration of the year to support their work. The fellowship is a 12 month commitment that requires the entrepreneur to invest time into their business with biweekly coaching meetings, market research, and more! Firstly, the fellowship is open to only active members. However, non-members may participate in our business plan competition. Additionally, the year is filled with opportunities to learn about different aspects of entrepreneurship. Also, you’ll have the chance to pitch your business to investors to gain additional support. Lastly, you’ll have opportunities to network with industry professionals to collaborate and build your network.


Community Partnerships - Talent - Business-Takeover

Real-world business experience.

Periodically, as a support to our entrepreneur members, we partner with local businesses for a takeover day. First, students receive training from the business owner. Furthermore, the students come in during off-hours/slow hours for the business and run the business. Lastly, all profits are donated to innovation programs for young entrepreneurs.

Program opportunities are organized on a case by case situation for innovation members.

Young Entrepreneurs

New Ventures