Leadership Program

Entrepreneurship is not always about starting a business and making a profit. Innovation and entrepreneurship are also about creating solutions to local and world problems. Furthermore, building leadership skills to aid you in creating a change is essential to creating the world you wish to live in. Nonetheless, learn more about our leadership programs and how we can support you in creating change. Our Center for Leadership is here to support you. Learn more about our programs below.



Garner support

Periodically, the Center for Leadership selects young social innovators who want to gain support on their projects. Furthermore, we provide a platform for you to share your project go gain financial and in-kind support for your project. Also, the conference is designed for the students to function as the workshop facilitators and the greater community as the audience. Lastly, we provide training to help you prepare an engaging session.

Program opportunities are based on the availability of venue space.


Adventure Based Leadership

Connecting outdoors and the classroom.

Periodically, as a support to our young entrepreneurs, we conduct a modified Leadership Boot Camp to challenge youth to grow and think outside of the box. Firstly, students participate in sessions that are held once every other week. Furthermore, students participate in rock climbing, ropes courses, first aid, and much more. Lastly, all activities are designed to address a social issue selected by student leaders and community members.

Market Innovation

Think Tank

Problem solve with your peers.

On occassion, Generation Innovation receives think tank requests from companies and nonprofits to solve a problem relevant to the age groups we serve. Thus, we bring together young leaders to solve the problems presented to us. Most importantly, all participants are compensated for their time on designing solutions during the immersive Think Tank sessions.

Leadership - Think Tank
Work Based Learning

Job Shadow

Gain exposure to potential careers.

Periodically, as a support to our young entrepreneurs we provide job shadow opportunities. Firstly, the program can be provided as a one-off opportunity for youth members or as a full day field trip for a group. Furthermore, students spend 4 to 6 hours shadowing an industry professional and learning about their job. Also, there are opportunities for your to convert your job shadow experience into an internship opportunity. Lastly, all activities are designed to provide exposure to potential career options in new or unique industries.

Job Shadow