Our Partners

Our partners are essential to the success of our young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they support through enhancing our programs, employing our youth, and much more! Nonetheless, we invite you to learn more about our community partners and how they support.

Innovation Tribe of America
Event Management & Digital Marketing, 1425 Broadway #469, Seattle, WA 98122
Innovation Tribe of America is an event management, digital marketing, and nonprofit management firm. Furthermore, they support our young entrepreneurs by managing our events. Also, they teach our youth about event management and digital marketing. Lastly, they provide discounted services to our innovation nonprofits to support their activities.
Neural Synergy
Health & Neuroscience,
Neural Synergy provides light therapy services and devices to the Washington State community. Furthermore, they mentor young entrepreneurs interested in the health industry. Also, they provide reduce price light therapy services to address depression and pain. Lastly, they provide discounted services to our innovation nonprofits.