Professional Association

The Professional Association is a community of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. Furthermore, they support the operations of Generation Innovation through a variety of methods. The methods include workshop facilitators, sponsoring programs, providing internships, and much more. Also, the association functions as a support network for the professional community of our organization.

Additionally, the association plans events and social functions to benefit their members. Professionals gain a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar backgrounds. Also, the professional association mentors and supports youth association members in their development.

Generation Innovation encourages you to get involved with our programs through your time, talent, or treasure. All industry leaders and professionals are partners in our community. However, there are multiple ways you can engage with our youth to support them in reaching their goals in innovative and creative ways. Nonetheless, we need your help to grow—find out how you can support our efforts!

At-risk youth who had a mentor are 130% more likely to hold a leadership position in the future.

Volunteer Opportunities

What does it mean to be a professional member?

As a member, you join a community of passionate professionals. Furthermore, you provide a safe space for youth to try innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors without the fear of failure. Our community and leadership are here to support you engage with your time, talent, or treasure to support the youth in our programs. Nonetheless, we encourage you to use your time and volunteer, talent and partner, or treasure and sponsor/donate.

Do I need to have worked with youth before to participate?

No, the best part about our opportunities is they are open regardless of your expertise level. As long as you have a passion for serving youth between the ages of 13 and 24 then you will fit right in! Also, we provide in-person and virtual training to help you feel prepared for your participation. Furthermore, we have a variety of opportunities that you can participate in to meet your current comfort level. However, we do encourage professionals to stretch their comfort zones as they continue volunteering. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the outcomes and resources you will have access to.

Advisory Board - Alumni Board
Donate to Nonprofits - Donors

Can my company sponsor/donate?

Yes, we encourage all individuals and companies, big and small, to make an investment in the next generation of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, you have three options for financial contributions. Firstly, you can make an individual donation to our community using the blue donation button. Secondly, you can choose to sponsor our organization, a school, or a specific program. Lastly, you can make an in-kind car, stock, bitcoin, or other contribution. Nonetheless, our community and leadership are here to help you decide on how to invest your treasure in young entrepreneurs.

What are some easy ways to partner with Gen I?

Currently, we have three ways for professionals to partner with our organization. Firstly, you can choose to hire an intern for the summer or academic year. Secondly, you can host a business takeover day and allow students to learn how to operate a business. Lastly, you can host a field trip and invite groups of young entrepreneurs to visit your business for a day of fun and learning. If there is another way you would like to engage then contact us to discuss. Nonetheless, we will support you through the process. You can learn more by exploring our talent section.

Advisory Board - Alumni Board

What are the main ways to engage?

We three main ways to engage with our community. Furthermore, each category has its own unique ways to participate. Also, if there are ways you want to engage that we currently do not provide then contact us to discuss.

Become a Mentor - Mentoring

Volunteer Opportunities

School Advisory Board
Job Shadows

Community Partnerships - Business Takeover

Community Partnerships

Business Takeover
Field Trips

Invest in Your Community - Supporter

Financial Contribution

Corporate Sponsorship
In-Kind Contribution

Group Volunteers

Can I volunteer with friends as a group?

The short answer is yes! Right now we do accept groups that would like to volunteer in our community. However, we can’t guarantee that all of our opportunities will have the capacity for a large group. Nonetheless, we recommend contacting us for support if you would like guidance on having a group participate.