Programs and Resources

Generation Innovation focuses on three pillars for our programs to support the youth in our community. Firstly, we provide opportunities for youth to gain real-world experience in operating a business. Also, provide them with the opportunity to start their own businesses and gain funding. Secondly, we support youth in finding solutions to real-world local and global problems through our leadership activities. Lastly, we give youth innovative ways to prepare for their future careers. This includes experiential internships, personal branding, freelancing, and much more.


Programs and Resources

Build your career portfolio

Preparing for post-secondary education is important. However, we believe that preparing for a career is far more important and valuable. Furthermore, when you explore different careers you gain a better understanding of your passions. Nonetheless, learn more about how our career services programs can help you in finding innovative solutions to your career development.



Real-world business experiences

72% of high school students are entrepreneurial. However, you may feel like you want to test out your ideas in a safe environment before launching your business. Or you may be ready to launch your business but wish you had guidance and support. Nonetheless, we understand and we’re here to support you in gaining real-world experiences. Learn more about our entrepreneurship programs and how we can support you.



Make an impact in your community

Entrepreneurship is not always about starting a business and making a profit. Innovation and entrepreneurship are also about creating solutions to local and world problems. Furthermore, building leadership skills to aid you in creating a change is essential to creating the world you wish to live in. Nonetheless, learn more about our leadership programs and how we can support you in creating change.


Raise funds for career programs.

Firstly, our innovation school and innovation nonprofit members have the opportunity to work with our team to raise funds for their programs. Furthermore, this includes existing innovative programs and new programs they want to launch. Nonetheless, we provide the resources and your students lead the charge.

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Capitalize on community resources.

Firstly, we work with each of our innovation school members to build a resource committee for them. Furthermore, the committee works towards procuring resources to best support your local community. Our resource committees are a volunteer group that will help with planning field trips, finding internships, planning events, and much more.