Resource Committee

Each innovation school member receives a resource committee to support operations. Furthermore, the resource committee is composed of your assigned resource coordinator, your designated school coordinator, your student program president, and 5 volunteers. Also, the group meets periodically to support you and your students in accomplishing your goals. It is recommended to meet at least once every other month. However, you can meet more often if needed. Our Center for Resources is here to coordinate your committee. Learn more about volunteer roles below.

Important Notes

Innovation nonprofit members are not eligible for the resource committee program.



Garnering support from politicians, school officials, and the greater community is important for the success of any program. The advocacy coordinator works with your school and our team to recruit volunteers, gain support, and much more. Furthermore, they mobilize the business and professional community to create change and support for your programs. Lastly, they will coordinate attendance at important events for your youth program leaders.


Events of differing sizes are a big element to our innovation school member’s operations. Your event coordinator is there to support you in that work. Furthermore, they work with your students to help them plan and execute events. Also, they help with procuring of resources and venues in conjunction with our staff. However, the students are still expected to lead and manage their events. Nonetheless, the coordinator is there to support and help guide the students towards success.


Raising funds help your programs continue to function. However, we understand having outside support increases your chances of success. Our staff will support your youth in planning and executing their fundraising goals. Also, you will have the support of your volunteer fundraising coordinator. Furthermore, they serve as a guide but also a resource to gain financial support through sponsorships, donations, and sales. Lastly, they also support the procurement of auction items.


Our staff cultivates internships for students in 11th-grade. However, having internships that are specific to your school increases the chances of the majority of your students receiving an internship. Thus, the internship coordinator cultivates local businesses to recruit internships for your students. Furthermore, the internships still follow the same policies and rules set by the organization so your students receive the same quality of experience. Nonetheless, the internships will span a variety of industry areas to help their career development.


A resident marketing guru helps you gain more exposure for your programs and activities. Thus, the Center for Resources provides a marketing coordinator for each committee. Their role is to mentor your students and collaborate with our team to ensure your website is up-to-date. Also, they provide marketing guidance for your students to help them gain exposure for events and other activities. Nonetheless, they are a resource that will help your students capitalize on their innovative ideas.