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Our investors, donors, and sponsors are critical to our success. Furthermore, your fully tax-deductible contributions allow us to identify and cultivate young entrepreneurs. Also, young entrepreneurs gain the resources they need to create jobs and change local economies. Lastly, Generation Innovation provides a variety of methods for financial and in-kind contributions. Nonetheless, utilize your treasure as a supporter to make lasting change!

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Become a corporate sponsor to position your brand in front of our community. Also, you will make a lasting impact on young entrepreneurs and help create economic development. Furthermore, corporate sponsorships are great for individuals and companies who wish to invest $7,000 or more in a calendar year. Nonetheless, we have five levels of sponsorship you can engage in.


Become a contributor to our community by making a financial donation. Also, you can join our dollar a day campaign and support one independent young entrepreneur in gaining access to membership, our conference, and the business plan competition. Furthermore, donations are great for individuals and companies who wish to invest less than $7,000 in a calendar year. Nonetheless, we have six levels of recognition you can engage in.

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You have things you need and want for your everyday life. However, you can choose to shop with one of our partners and get the products you need. Also, when you shop with them they donate a percentage to help young entrepreneurs. The best part is you don’t spend anything extra but still benefit our youth. Nonetheless, we have several partners, Amazon included, that you can shop with to get the goods and services you need!

In-Kind Donation

Lastly, you can become a supporter of our young entrepreneurs through in-kind donations. Furthermore, in-kind donations include donating a car, corporate stock, or even cryptocurrency. Also, in-kind donations include materials and resources that are needed for our operations such as SWAG, refreshments, venues, and more. Nonetheless, see how you can engage in as an in-kind donor.

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