Young Entrepreneurs

Generation Innovation supports youth in taking control over their outcomes. Furthermore, our community is comprised of individuals between the ages of 13 and 24 years old. Our young entrepreneurs experience our three pathways over the course of their membership.

Firstly, you will experience real-world entrepreneurship through a variety of programs. Also, you will take on a leadership role to address real-world issues through social innovation. Lastly, you will be able to find innovative ways to develop for your future careers. However, life is about more than conducting business. Thus, we provide fun and engaging activities for you to build skills and network with others!

Entrepreneurship connects communities, strengthens the economy, attracts visitors, and promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Young Entrepreneur - Youth Membership - Youth Application

What does it mean to be a youth member?

As a youth member, you join a community of passionate entrepreneurs. Furthermore, you enter a safe space where you can try innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors without the fear of failure. Our community and leadership are here to support you in taking control of your future. Nonetheless, members participate in conferences, social outings, internships, and more!

Can only students at active schools participate?

No, the best part of our membership is your participation is open regardless of your school. Furthermore, we believe access should be open regardless of your academic options. Thus, you can apply as long as you reside in one of our active states. However, the experience an independent entrepreneur has versus one connected to a school or nonprofit will be different. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the outcomes and resources you will have access to.

School Participation

Which programs do I have access to?

As an independent member, you will have access to a variety of resources. However, depending on your membership level your access will increase. Those can be reviewed in the eligibility criteria section of the youth membership. Nonetheless, we have outlined the key elements that all independent members have access to.

Business Boot Camp


Business Plan Competition
Soft Business Launch Conference
Business Boot Camp
Online Networking Community
Virtual Training Modules and Materials

Adventure Based Leadership


Leadership Conference
Social Innovation Conference
Leadership Boot Camp
In-Person Leadership Socials
Virtual Training Modules and Materials

Job Shadow


Career Conference
Summer Internships
Job Shadowing
Personal Brand Development
Virtual Training Modules and Materials

Organization Community

Can I start a group with my friends?

The short answer is yes! Right now we accept group applications from nonprofits, public schools, private schools, charter schools, and homeschool communities. However, to apply you need 1 adult site coordinator and 10 interested youth. We recommend contacting us for support and reviewing the application requirements for both nonprofits and schools.