Youth Membership

The youth membership is for young entrepreneurs and social innovators. Generation Innovation supports youth in taking control over their outcomes. Furthermore, individuals between the ages of 13 and 24 years old make our community. Our young entrepreneurs experience our three pathways over the course of their membership. Below you will find information about the youth application.


Firstly, youth membership is open to everyone who wishes to apply. However, there are criteria you must meet for approval of your membership. Also, you must maintain alignment with the criteria to maintain membership.

Age Requirements

Most importantly, memberships are available to any person of good character, between the ages of thirteen (13) and twenty-four (24). Furthermore, the definition of good character is having integrity, honesty, accountability, and self-control.


Secondly, you must reside in a state that Generation Innovation operates. A list of our locations can be found at However, you do not need to reside in a county or city we serve. Nonetheless, if you want us to bring our programs to your state then contact us so we are aware of your interest.

Socioeconomic Status

Also, membership is available to candidates regardless of socioeconomic status. Furthermore, we welcome youth from all levels of the income spectrum. Additionally, you may apply regardless of your ethnic and national status for membership.

Membership Fee

Application for membership is free of charge. However, all members need to make full payment on their membership promptly each year. You may increase or decrease your membership status based on the membership fees outlined below. Also, you must complete any scholarship and financial aid requests promptly to be eligible for a fee reduction.

Entrepreneurship/Social Innovation

You should have an interest in exploring and learning about entrepreneurship and social innovation. However, you do not need to start a business or take classes in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, most programs will revolve around looking at career development through an entrepreneurial and innovative lens.

Career Development

You will need to participate in at least one job shadow or internship opportunity in your first 3 years of membership. Either you or Generation Innovation can select your career opportunity, the choice is yours. Nonetheless, it should be in a topic area you’re interested in learning more about. Also, we will support you throughout the entire process but want you to experience different career options early.

Membership Levels


$ 60

per year

  • Access to the online community.
  • 10% to 30% discount on events and programs.
  • Access to virtual training modules and materials.
  • Participate in Generation Innovation
    Business Plan Competition.
  • Ability to apply to Internship opportunities.
  • Participate in Job Shadow opportunities.
Best Value


$ 120

per year

  • Access to Seedling membership items.
  • 20% to 40% discount on events and programs.
  • Submit your business idea to the
    Soft Launch Program.
  • Present your social innovations during
    the Social Innovation Conference.
  • Apply to the Fellowship Program.
  • Request 0% interest venture loans


$ 180

per year

  • Access to Petals membership items.
  • 30% to 50% discount on events and programs.
  • Discounts on travel (hotels, flights, car rentals, etc.)
  • Savings on entertainment (concerts,
    theme parks, movies, etc.)
  • Discounts on health (pharmacies,
    restaurants, fitness, etc.)

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and financial aid are applied to your participation in Generation Innovation programs. Also, financial aid is applied to your annual membership fee once your information is updated each year. However, scholarships are applied to your annual membership fee without needing to change information. Furthermore, you gain access to scholarship funds by completing your Member Profile. Access to financial aid is provided for the upcoming fall when you complete your Family Financial Report (FFR) by March 30 of each year. Nonetheless, we have outlined estimates on how it may impact your participation. Lastly, enter your information into our Aid Calculator below to receive an estimate.

Family Financial Report (FFR)

The Family Financial Report (FFR) determines your need-based aid for membership. Furthermore, the document uses multiple factors aside from income level. However, you can see fee estimates based on income brackets below.

Upper Income
[ $79,012 and above ]
Fee: $60/year

Upper Middle Income
[ $42,285 to $79,011 ]
Fee: $50/year

Middle Income
[ $25,851 to $42,284 ]
Fee: $40/year

Lower Middle Income
[ $15,703 to $25,850 ]
Fee: $30/year

Lower Income
[ $0 to $15,702 ]
Fee: $20/year

Scholarships/Youth Member Profile (YMP)

Scholarships are determined by the information you submit in your Youth Member Profile (YMP). Furthermore, the document is based on self-identifying factors. However, members who act without integrity and lie on their profile will be removed from the community. Nonetheless, you can see fee reduction estimates based on our criteria below.

  • Ethnicity — 7% savings
    [ provided to youth who identify as Asian, African/Black, Indigenous/Native, Latino/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Pacific Islander ]
  • Homeless — 100% savings
    [ provided to youth who are homeless ]
  • Women — 5% savings
    [ provided to youth who identify as female ]
  • LGBTQ — 4% savings
    [ provided to youth who identify as part of the LGBTQ community ]
  • Disability — 6% savings
    [ provided to youth with visible and/or invisible disabilities ]

Membership Fee Calculator